• ShapeOf: A Little Brush Engine Debugging: shapeof.com/archives/…

  • Currently working on a new brushing engine for Acorn. This is what debugging it looks like.

  • The trailer for Free Solo is out. It’s about Alex Honnold’s free solo of El Capitan last year. I want to watch this so bad, but it also makes me want to barf and hide and scream DON’T DO IT at the same time.

  • Messing around with style transfers in the latest Retrobatch beta.

  • I’m a bit flabbergasted at how nice Metal rendering is with Acorn 6 on Mojave. It’s buttery smooth. If I turn off display sync, then I’m getting over 100fps routinely. Hitting 200+ at times as well. I really want Pro Motion on the Mac already…

  • If I had lunch, but I don’t really feel like I did, I can have a do-over, right?

  • Mojave’s Dark Mode looks so much better on my MB1 than it does on my 5k iMac, and I can’t quite figure out why.

  • About to head southbound to Xcoders’ Cyclops. Food and drinks and friends.

  • It was flagged though, so it must have been important.

  • “Node to pass info to adder arrrat/dice to pull out in info control er” is an email I sent to myself a month ago and I have no f’n clue what it was about now.

  • I’ve got a old tower G5 I need to get rid of. Take it to Apple to recycle, or try and give it away on OfferUp/Craigslist? Not sure it’ll even boot anymore…

  • The latest builds page for Retrobatch is up: flyingmeat.com/download/…

    Fresh bits, most weekdays.

  • Just found myself looking at some older Cocoa Script stuff I was working on and man I wish I had finished up this stuff.

  • .jpeg or .jpg?

  • This is me leaking a sneak peek at the new batch processing app: flyingmeat.com/retrobatc…

    It’s very usable, and getting better every day, hopefully a 1.0 soon.

  • What’s the thing called where you have a stupid regression in your app for months and nobody notices until all of a sudden everyone notices at the same time?

  • Shape Of: Here’s an idea I’ve been tossing around lately- Apple should make an Instagram clone for iCloud users.


  • Your song for the moment. I haven’t listened to the whole album, but this one song is great:

    Do What You Wanna: music.amazon.com/albums/B0…

  • Shape Of: A Couple of Climbing Links: shapeof.com/archives/…

    More folks are getting into climbing, which is aaawesome. Here’s some links for ‘em.

  • CGImageDestinationCopyImageSource is a bunch of bullshit. Nobody wants to have to pass in a CGMutableImageMetadataRef, just use the f’n tags and dictionaries an image was loaded with.

  • Something funky for your Monday morning: www.youtube.com/watch

  • For future reference, to open up a man page in BBEdit:

    man 5 sdef | col -b | bbedit

  • Acorn 6.1.2 is out for direct folks. It’ll be making its way to the App Store later today assuming the direct release goes smooth.

    Yea, I’m using direct folks as guinea pigs (I usually do).

  • HyperCard Zine: crime.team/~hypercar…

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