• Messing around with style transfers in the latest Retrobatch beta.

  • I’m a bit flabbergasted at how nice Metal rendering is with Acorn 6 on Mojave. It’s buttery smooth. If I turn off display sync, then I’m getting over 100fps routinely. Hitting 200+ at times as well. I really want Pro Motion on the Mac already…

  • If I had lunch, but I don’t really feel like I did, I can have a do-over, right?

  • Mojave’s Dark Mode looks so much better on my MB1 than it does on my 5k iMac, and I can’t quite figure out why.

  • About to head southbound to Xcoders’ Cyclops. Food and drinks and friends.

  • It was flagged though, so it must have been important.

  • “Node to pass info to adder arrrat/dice to pull out in info control er” is an email I sent to myself a month ago and I have no f’n clue what it was about now.

  • I’ve got a old tower G5 I need to get rid of. Take it to Apple to recycle, or try and give it away on OfferUp/Craigslist? Not sure it’ll even boot anymore…

  • The latest builds page for Retrobatch is up: flyingmeat.com/download/…

    Fresh bits, most weekdays.

  • Just found myself looking at some older Cocoa Script stuff I was working on and man I wish I had finished up this stuff.

  • .jpeg or .jpg?

  • This is me leaking a sneak peek at the new batch processing app: flyingmeat.com/retrobatc…

    It’s very usable, and getting better every day, hopefully a 1.0 soon.

  • What’s the thing called where you have a stupid regression in your app for months and nobody notices until all of a sudden everyone notices at the same time?

  • Shape Of: Here’s an idea I’ve been tossing around lately- Apple should make an Instagram clone for iCloud users.


  • Your song for the moment. I haven’t listened to the whole album, but this one song is great:

    Do What You Wanna: music.amazon.com/albums/B0…

  • Shape Of: A Couple of Climbing Links: shapeof.com/archives/…

    More folks are getting into climbing, which is aaawesome. Here’s some links for ‘em.

  • CGImageDestinationCopyImageSource is a bunch of bullshit. Nobody wants to have to pass in a CGMutableImageMetadataRef, just use the f’n tags and dictionaries an image was loaded with.

  • Something funky for your Monday morning: www.youtube.com/watch

  • For future reference, to open up a man page in BBEdit:

    man 5 sdef | col -b | bbedit

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