• Acorn 6.1.2 is out for direct folks. It’ll be making its way to the App Store later today assuming the direct release goes smooth.

    Yea, I’m using direct folks as guinea pigs (I usually do).

  • HyperCard Zine: crime.team/~hypercar…

  • Those were the days.

    I just came across this code in Acorn. It’s obviously not used anymore, and dates back to FlySketch. Boy, we used to be able to do anything back then- apps couldn’t get away with this these days because of code signing.

    - (IBAction)swapShowInDockPref:(id)sender {
        NSString *infoPlist = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@/Contents/Info.plist", [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundlePath]];
        NSDictionary *d = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithContentsOfFile:infoPlist];
        if ([sender state]) {
            [d setValue:@"0" forKey:@"LSUIElement"];
        else {
            [d setValue:@"1" forKey:@"LSUIElement"];
        if (![d writeToFile:infoPlist atomically:YES]) {
        NSString *command = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"/usr/bin/touch \"%@\"", [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundlePath]];
        system([command UTF8String]);
  • So I’m working on a new batch image processing app, that’s nothing like any other ones. And I need some new testers! If need some image processing done and would like to kick the tires, let me know: gus@flyingmeat.com

  • New thing is coming along.

  • “Failed to render part of the image because memory requirement of -1 too big.”

  • Currently doing one of those things where I’m helping make the new app in the app itself and it’s really kind of motivating and awesome.

  • Tracking down some Metal crashers in Acorn 6.1.x, and they are all happening on computers with NVIDIA GeForce GT cards. I think I see a blacklist coming in Acorn 6.1.2.

  • Well, I have my inbox down to four emails. I suppose that’s pretty good.

  • Acorn 6.1, with Metal 2 support, is out: shapeof.com/archives/…

    Actually, 6.1.1 is out and 6.1.2 is in beta, but you know how that goes.

  • Just opened a project from 2015 and it compiled with only one warning.

    Eat that, Swift.

  • Acorn 6.1 (with Metal 2 support and updated palette icons) is aaaalmost ready to go. Got a weird old mac and want to see how your GPU handles it? Try it out: flyingmeat.com/download/…

  • The latest builds of Acorn ( flyingmeat.com/download/… ) now default to an Aqua/Color UI. There’s a pref of course, because some folks will get very if it’s not there, to go back to the preivous look. But, I think the new one is the way forward.

  • NVIDIA GeForce GT, 16bpc images, and Metal are not really good friends as I’ve spent a day or so finding out.

    Anyway, I’m pretty close to shipping Acorn + Metal, which makes me happy.

  • Trying to get my brain into icon making mode. I know I should hire a designer but some stubborn part of me just wants to get better at it regardless.

  • Moving to Metal Episode VI, I Broke Quartz Debug:


    Fun times, and contrived peak frame rates of 205.

  • Console.app is completely worthless these days.

  • Good morning. Because it’s morning here, obviously. Hi. This is a post. From @manton’s app. Yes. More words here. Pressing enter. Pressing command enter.

    I'm going to have to send in patches, aren't it?
  • Currently working on some big features to Acorn, and I’ve been swamped with great feedback from folks. Much more than usual. It’s a bit odd and I’m having a little bit of trouble keeping up. But it’s a good thing.

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