• New thing is coming along.

  • “Failed to render part of the image because memory requirement of -1 too big.”

  • Currently doing one of those things where I’m helping make the new app in the app itself and it’s really kind of motivating and awesome.

  • Tracking down some Metal crashers in Acorn 6.1.x, and they are all happening on computers with NVIDIA GeForce GT cards. I think I see a blacklist coming in Acorn 6.1.2.

  • Well, I have my inbox down to four emails. I suppose that’s pretty good.

  • Acorn 6.1, with Metal 2 support, is out: shapeof.com/archives/…

    Actually, 6.1.1 is out and 6.1.2 is in beta, but you know how that goes.

  • Just opened a project from 2015 and it compiled with only one warning.

    Eat that, Swift.

  • Acorn 6.1 (with Metal 2 support and updated palette icons) is aaaalmost ready to go. Got a weird old mac and want to see how your GPU handles it? Try it out: flyingmeat.com/download/…

  • The latest builds of Acorn ( flyingmeat.com/download/… ) now default to an Aqua/Color UI. There’s a pref of course, because some folks will get very if it’s not there, to go back to the preivous look. But, I think the new one is the way forward.

  • NVIDIA GeForce GT, 16bpc images, and Metal are not really good friends as I’ve spent a day or so finding out.

    Anyway, I’m pretty close to shipping Acorn + Metal, which makes me happy.

  • Trying to get my brain into icon making mode. I know I should hire a designer but some stubborn part of me just wants to get better at it regardless.

  • Moving to Metal Episode VI, I Broke Quartz Debug:


    Fun times, and contrived peak frame rates of 205.

  • Console.app is completely worthless these days.

  • Good morning. Because it’s morning here, obviously. Hi. This is a post. From @manton’s app. Yes. More words here. Pressing enter. Pressing command enter.

    I'm going to have to send in patches, aren't it?
  • Currently working on some big features to Acorn, and I’ve been swamped with great feedback from folks. Much more than usual. It’s a bit odd and I’m having a little bit of trouble keeping up. But it’s a good thing.

  • Let’s try this again. This is a pizza. I made this pizza. I eat too much pizza. Pizza is good but pizza is also bad.

  • Found a neat little animated bézier curve tutorial today: https://www.jasondavies.com/animated-bezier/

    Bézier curves are pretty central to Acorn’s brushing tool, belive it or not. It’s how the path smoothing happens.

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